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  • Luckybird7765

    This will require all of us. We need to start expanding fast, or we won't be noticed at all.

    First off, we need to link everything like mad. Add categories, bring the pages together.

    Second of all, I would like to(even though it says it on the rules I shouldn't) ask to be an admin. This is so I can make is easier on us all and make sure we can get this all through.

    We need character pages, names, etcetera. If we can potentially do what the WOFF format is, we can increase this wiki by a tenfold. We know how many Kirby fans are out there, and we want to help them out.

    I can draw, and so can Kirby. Dark knight and JB, I don't know about you. But if we have a bunch of artists here on this wiki, we can make good pictures.

    Right now, it's messy. We c…

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